Saltwater Pool Cleaning

Saltwater pools are also known as salt pool systems, saltwater chlorinators, chlorine generator, chlorinator, saltwater chlorine generators, and hypochlorous acid generators. Saltwater Pools contain exactly the same Chlorine as a traditional pool. Instead of adding Chlorine directly to your pool, salt (NaCl) is added and is transformed into pool chlorine by a saltwater generator.

Richmond Saltwater Pool Cleaning
Saltwater Pool Cleaning in Katy and Richmond Texas

Routine Saltwater Pool Cleaning

  • 5 point water chemistry check & balance of chemicals
  • Phosphate remover
  • Clean out skimmer & pump baskets
  • Vacuum pool & spa (if applicable)
  • Clean the pool surface
  • Brush the sides of pool and steps
  • Backwash Diatomaceous Earth & sand filters
  • Empty automatic pool cleaner bag
  • Inspect all pool equipment

Filter Cleaning

Diatomaceous Earth & Cartridge Filter

  • Visual inspection​
  • Disassembling all grids & cartridges​​​​​
  • Wash with high pressure nozzle
  • Lubricate ALL o-rings​
*If Grids need replacing, customer will be notified and price is subject to change

Sand Filter

  • Remove old sand
  • Visual inspect laterals & replace as needed
  • Add new sand
  • Lubricate and replace o-rings​​​​​​​​​

Cleaning Schedules

  • Emergency Pool Cleaning (Parties, Holidays, etc.)
  • One - Time Cleaning
  • Monthly Service

Service Areas


  • Cinco Ranch


  • Long Meadow Farms
  • Waterside Estates

Price varies depending on pool size, components & foliage


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