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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Floating + Pool

A fully funded Kickstarter project that will enable New Yorkers to swim in clean river water. It is a giant floating filter that is also four pools in one. There is a kids pool, a sports pool, a laps pool, and a lounge pool. Custom Fit Pools cleans pools. These guys are taking up a few notches and are cleaning a river! Read more about it on their Kickstarter page.

Underwater Puppies

New York Times bestselling author and photographer Seth Casteel's follow-up to the phenomenal Underwater Dogs -- now with puppies. The world fell in love with swimming canines in Seth Casteel's first book, Underwater Dogs. Now, in more than 80 previously unpublished portraits of underwater puppies, we see man's best friends at their most playful and exuberant. Each vibrant and colorful underwater image shows off the wild and sublime range of emotions of puppies, cute and irresistible to the very last. Do you have any photos of your dog swimming in your pool? Share them with us!

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Swim on top of the world

Destination Pools
Marina Bay Sands Singapore »
The next time you are in Singapore, you must experience one of the world's most amazing hotel rooftop pools. Stretching an impressive 150 meters across Sands Skypark, the stunning outdoor Infinity Pool designed by renowned architect Moshe Safdie is the world's largest at this height and offers the best city-skyline view of of a 5-star hotel in Singapore. Can you imagine cleaning this pool? This is a long way from Richmond, Texas but Custom Fit Pools is happy to have this pool be the first of our Destination Pools.

Have you ever had a black bear swim in your pool?

We clean swimming pools even if black bears swim in.
Black bear relaxing poolside »

Bear Escapes Heat in Backyard Pool -

If you ever have a black bear take a dip in your pool, call Custom Fit Pools to come clean your filter. No doubt it will need it! Actually, if you don't mind, call animal control first.
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